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Some Smooth Jazz


This a commission I did for a show in Canada. I was asked to draw Jazz paling around with a Jazz-esk version of a My Little Pony.


And in case your not much of a Pony fan, there’s a Bumblebee version too!



Ghost Rider INKS


Seeing as, I too am a motorcycle enthusiast with a flaming skull for a head I felt obligated to draw a Ghost Rider piece. Here’s the inks! The flames took forever to figure out, but I think the end result came out pretty unique.

Ghost Rider INKS


My Little Pony #21 cover


My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #21 cover I did for IDW. SPOILER ALERT! The script was about Trixie accidentally losing a diamond, hence the missing diamond in her hoof on the upside-down version of her. So she’s the Ace of Diamonds. Applejack had to be a Jack card. I choose the Jack of Spades so it would be black and thereby different from the red Ace in the foreground. Rarity was originally the Queen of Hearts for obvious reasons, but her hair ended up blocking the card. You can still see it a little bit. Sadly Fluttershy’s is unseen.

I think my favorite part of this is Angel in the upper corner. I love his grumpy face!

Here’s the cover without the logo and credits.


Here’s some process images. This first is an early pencil sketch with a logo dropped in to help lay it out the page correctly. Next is the inked version. The third image is a color version before the shading, highlights and color holds are out down. Note: Babs Seed’s head changed a few times. I was trying to make her look worried, but that really isn’t her character so I couldn’t capture her essence. Once I decided to make her look disinterested, I got it!





UPDATE: Someone sent me a link to a review of issue #21 where the author refered to me as “MLP new boy Bill Forster.” I thought that was fun so I thought I would share. Check out the review here:


“Weird Al” Homage to Transformers Wreck Gar & My Little Pony Cheese Sandwich – Botcon 2014


Although I’ve been going to Botcon since 2000 this was the first year I had a table in Artist Alley. It was a fantastic experience that resulted in making a lot of new friends with both fans and professionals.

I had a bunch of new prints including my homage to “Weird Al” Yankovic featuring his Transformers Animated character Wreck Gar and his My Little Pony Cheese Sandwich!

Weird Al Wreck Gar Cheese Sandwich My Little Pony Transformers Bill Forster comics


Some pics from Botcon 2014:

Bill_Forster_Jim_Sorenson_Botcon_2014 Bill_Forster_Transformers_comics_artist_Botcon_2014IMAG0657IMAG0654

A few of my Generation One Transformers sketch cards:




Transformers: Whirl vs. The Insecticons


Whirl needed to step on some bugs.

I have some Transformers appearances coming up and figured it was about time I had some bot prints. And what’s more fun than a little girl shooting up some Insecticons? Nothing…that’s what!

I loved drawing the Uzis. I need to draw more guns. Hooray for violence!

Transformers: Whirl vs. The Insecticons Comic Art by Bill Forster

Here’s the inked version:


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