Applejack is taking the rest of the family for a nice, peaceful ride in the country.


1Applejack sketch comic book art comic artist

Unlike in math class, I like to show my work.

1. This is the initial sketch. Usually these sketches are nothing more than scribbles to help me visualize the idea. This is one of the better ones. Often they are comprised of stick figures, notes and randomness.

2.Then my first attempt at the pencils. I realized that Applejack wasn’t as dynamic as I wanted her. Also, she doesn’t fill the page and the design has no “flow” to it.

3. That led me to redo the pencils. Here I made her bigger so she looks like she’s running off the page. She’s also lower than the cart which divides the page and adds some depth to it. 

4. Lastly, the inked page.

Applejack_MyLittlePony_BillForster_pencils01 Applejack_MyLittlePony_BillForster_Pencils Comic book art Comic artist Applejack_MyLittlePony_BillForster_Inks Comic book art Comic artist