Transformers In Color! – comic book coloring


It’s about time I posted some Transformers. Here are some comic book coloring samples I have done.

Transformers_Comic Book Coloring_Bill_Forster Transformers_Comic Book Coloring_Bill_Forster

These are the same colored pages next to their uncolored selves. I think the comparison is kinda neat.

Transformers_Comic Book Coloring_Bill_ForsterTransformers_Comic Book Coloring_Bill_Forster

Bill_Forster_Transformers_The_Ark_book_Coloring_Comic Book ArtHere’s my first attempt at coloring Transformers on Don Figueroa’s cover for The Ark Volume 1 so many years ago, I like to think I’ve gotten a little better! The same image was later reprinted on the combined version The Complete Ark, which has both Volumes 1 & 2 and some bonus stuff in there too.

The best complement I get from the Ark books is when I go to a Transformers show and all the artists have a copy with them for reference.

Some interesting Ark trivia for ya! We got Don to draw the cover before we had a book deal with IDW. In fact, we used Don’s art work as the cover for our pitch document. Turns out editors like to see initiative and The Ark became a reality.

Here comes the cheap plug… Which you can buy here: http://www.amazon.com/Transformers-Complete-Compendium-Animation-Models/dp/1600100805/ref=sr_1_13?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1378682781&sr=1-13



A Hairy Situation! – Sedusa vs. Powerpuff Girls


A quick little cover sample of The Powerpuff Girls!! I went kinda nutso on Sedusa’s hair, I know. The big empty area on the upper left side is there for a logo to be dropped in. I would have had the logo slightly askew and some hair holding it up. I always have to remember to leave room for dialogue, sound f/x, and logos, but mostly the artist credits. That’s most important!

bill_forster_powerpuffgirls_Sedusa_Comic Book Art

Here is the uncolored inked page:

bill_forster_powerpuffgirls_Sedusa_Comic Book Art

PowerpuffGirls_Sketches_bill_forster_Sedusa_Comic Book Art

I don’t like posting one small image at a time. It makes the blog look sloppy,…so sketches! These are some character studies of the girls just to fill space.



Hmpf! Chief Thunderhooves of My Little Pony


So I was drawing a few comic book art sample pages for My Little Pony and in the middle of my little story I had Rainbow Dash take off and fly at super sonic speed across Equestria. I thought, “How can I show both the fast paced urgency and the distance she is traveling?” It occurred to me that having her “buzz” a relatively static character in a field would do quite nicely. Who better than the stoic Chief Thunderhooves?

chief_thunderhooves_by_billforster-MyLittlePony_Comic Book Art

Bill_Forster_My_Little_Pony_ThunderhoovesHere’s the inked page!

This page turned out to be a fun little story all on it’s own. I like that I didn’t draw in Rainbow Dash but rather solely her rainbow wake to indicate her zooming by.

…and yeah, I drew the background three separate times. I’m kinda dumb like that.



Unicron Sketch for a Transformers Fan!


Oh this is fun! A Transformers fan connected me and asked me to sign his copy of The AllSpark Almanac for him via the US Postal Service. He asked if I could include a sketch of my interpretation of Unicron. So I sent him this:


He then posted this great video of him receiving the sketch. Thanks Zeltrax Millenium for the super vid! (Transformers folk always have the best names!)


Highball on the Low Road – comic book coloring


Outlaw Territory_Comic Book Coloring_Comic Book Artist Bill Forster Some more comic book coloring. I “slapped down them colors” on a story for Outlaw Territory Volume #3 for Image Comics. The story was written by Chris Ryall and the line art was done by Drew Moss.

Outlaw Territory_Comic Book Coloring_Comic Book Artist Bill Forster Outlaw Territory_Comic Book Coloring_Comic Book Artist Bill Forster I’ve know Chris for a while having published some Transformers books with IDW, but it was quite a thrill to actually work with him directly on a story he wrote. Working on Drew’s art was icing on the cake. 

If you haven’t read any of the Outlaw Territory books, you should. They’re a good time!

Check out Chris Ryall’s collection of “comic stuff and nonsense” at Ryall’s Files here: http://ryallsfiles.tumblr.com/


The Mayor’s Excellent Adventure! – comic book art


Here’s a 3 page story I made about the Mayor of Townsville from the Powerpuff Girls. The goal was to tell a funny little story using a variety of Cartoon Network properties. In case you’re wondering they are The Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, Dexter’s Laboratory, Ben 10, Samurai Jack and finally Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.

Bill_Forster_CartoonNetworkIDW_Comic Book Art_Powerpuff Girls Bill_Forster_CartoonNetworkIDW_Comic Book Art_Powerpuff Girls Bill_Forster_CartoonNetworkIDW_Comic Book Art_Powerpuff Girls

The letters were laid down by Hde Ponsonby-Jones. The script was written by both me and Jim Sorenson. You can check out Jim’s blog here: http://boltax.blogspot.com/

Here are the inked comic book art pages:

Bill_Forster_CartoonNetworkIDW_page_01 Bill_Forster_CartoonNetworkIDW_page_02 Bill_Forster_CartoonNetworkIDW_page_03

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