Here’s some more comic book coloring I have done. Two are John Byrne pinups. I love coloring his art. I saw the World’s Finest piece and really dug all the fire he had inked. By making the fire completely bright yellow color holds it gives the fire some life and adds that extra sense of heat.

On the Daredevil piece, Stiltman’s extended leg gave me an opportunity to paint in some shiny metal and add some further depth that I think really helped the image pop.

The third is from IDW’s G.I. Joe issue #21. I liked how the second panel is through the eyes of the character in the green glasses so I saturated everything with green. Fun stuff!

Bill Forster Colors DC World's Finest Comic Book Coloring Bill Forster Colors Marvel Daredevil Comic Book Coloring Bill Forster Colors IDW G.I. Joe Comic Book Coloring