The dance studio Luscious Mavens puts on these themed shows, like Wild West or Outer Space. For their 1980′s themed show they had an A-Team dance routine that required the entertainers to have some prop machine guns. Gone are the days where you can get a realistic toy gun at the local Toys ‘Я’ Us, so they had to mail order them. In the meantime, they needed “sticks or something” for their dress rehearsals. So I cranked these out one morning…

Here’s Hannibal with her M-16. The cigar is fake too.


I drew out a machine gun silhouette on some printer paper I taped together.


Then I cut out the gun.


Then I used the cut out paper as a stencil to trace multiple guns onto form core.


With an X-acto knife I cut out the guns from the foam core.


Then spray paint some M-16′s.


You’ve just hired the A-Team!